Our coffee roasts cater for every taste.

Meloso Coffee also creates signature blends at your request.


Columbia Coffee Roast

Columbia Single Origin

Great for experimentation and exploration of different brew methods.

Tasting notes of caramel, nuts & chocolate.

Starting at R245/kg (Incl. VAT)

Noko Coffee Roast

Noko Premium Blend

Our all-round coffee for everyone who enjoys a comforting cup of coffee.

Tasting notes of wild berries & caramel.

Starting at R215/kg (Incl. VAT)

Minimo Coffee Roast

Minimo Espresso Blend

Perfect for espresso and espresso based drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes.

Tasting notes of chocolate, citrus and nuts.

Starting at R215/kg (Incl. VAT)